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FEELING unique is when you’re at the club and the DJ yells “THROW YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR IF YOU’RE AN INDEPENDENT WOMAN”, and regardless of whether she’s successful at ANYTHING IN LIFE or not, every single chick starts screaming as if she’s the CEO of some successful startup, when in reality, she’s the CFO at Mc Donald’s. Also, do what you can to make her believe that what you were going to do in the first place and never planned to change regardless of what she said is actually HER idea that SHE came up with during the argument! 🙂 BEING unique is demonstrating that she speaks five languages and has a Ph D in physics, or she thinks up great business plans or philosophies, or that she’s an athlete or a stuntwoman… 😀 Just like the DJ ‘made’ that minimum wage burger-flipper feel special for that moment in time… Do whatever you were planning to do in the first place, but make sure she FEELS loved and FEELS respected and FEELS listened to by the end of the argument. Let’s say you play a whole hell of a lot of video games, and it’s getting on your girl’s nerves that you won’t waste an hour and a half watching “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” with her. Date if interested let me know, Need to Have you found your way of looking.

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From the first threesome experience to meeting sexy people in strip clubs and bars, we tell it all in our amateur couple stories.

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“Never argue with a woman” is advice that’s been handed down from men to boys from generation to generation.

This is because guys never figured out how to WIN the arguments. The Kid‘s about to let you in on Secret Tip #1 on how to improve your success when you’re mentally jousting with a female! If it were made for women, the chicks in the movies wouldn’t be portrayed as vapid, brainless and only good for their looks, T&A, or because they’ll do stuff on camera that your current girlfriend won’t let you do to her IRL.

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