Dating with genital wart

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Because not everyone shows symptoms at the same time frame. I personally was prepared that the men I confessed would back off, but it didn't happen. I'm a heterosexual male and just confirmed a single genital wart on my pubic bone.

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I have read, for the common condyloms, that once the warts are treated and gone the risk of transmission is gone. It's a little bit like the warts you get on your fingers.It's important because you don't know how someone's body may react to it.Most will never show symptoms, but some people like us are more sensitive and show symptoms.There's no easy way around this- you have to talk to her.Don't worry though because this may very well not be a deal breaker if you come at her with the right information. Sadly, as a male, they aren't going to spend the money to tell you. You could be a murderer just for sleeping someone, so until you have concrete information, you can't do it.

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