Dating vintage clothing guide consolidating power definition

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These were introduced into sewing patterns for shorter women with the half size denoting the items shorter length.

They are always after an even number, as odd numbers were then used to indicate junior sizing for petite women.

Look for vintage names such as Celanese, Kodel and Vycron.

Nylon was first commercially used in 1939, however Qiana Nylon was found on garments from approximately 1968 to the early 1970s.

The best rule of thumb is that if an RN number is 6 digits can be aged from the 80's, while numbers of 5 digits can be dated around the 60's and 70's.

So, for example, an RN number of 17272 would put the garment in the mid 60's.

Often, the tag will be a give away to the authenticity of the vintage clothing.

For beginners to the vintage trend, Google can be a powerful aid in determining what decade a particular brand is from.

Numbers listed 00101 to 04086 indicate clothing 1959 and earlier and post 1959, numbers listed as 13670 and larger.

Lot numbers on vintage clothing labels were used to process and track garments as they were produced in factories.

They ceased to be put on labels since 1979, so this will put you on a closer track to dating an item. Although you can buy modern clothing that was made in Mexico, vintage clothing made in Mexico is most likely from the 1950s as travel to Mexico was quite popular and Mexican styles, particularly circle skirts, caught on as a trend.

A union label will be from either the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union (ILGWU) or from one of the other six union or union subgroups.

Google, again, is a brilliant aid to identify the union and design of the tag.

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