Dating someone with ocd obsessive compulsive

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Is this a normal relationship shift or the symptoms of ROCD?Although every relationship has periods of euphoria and doubt, the ups and downs within a relationship with someone who has Relationship Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (ROCD) are far more dramatic and destructive.They might vacillate between praising their partnership and decrying their relationship as doomed to fail or riddled with problems.

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This means that someone suffering from the disorder might display patterns of alternating clingy behavior and pushing their partner away.This can lead to endless cycles of drawing partners in and breaking up, or falling in love and reverting to only seeing their partners' flaws.People with ROCD might get married, despite their misgivings, then go on to doubt their marriage and feel as though they should have waited or may begin searching for a more suitable partner.Empathize first, give a different perspective second.Dealing with people who have OCPD can be especially difficult if you focus purely on their weaknesses, or on the parts of their personality that truly bothers you.

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