Dating someone has attempted suicide Kostenloser sexchat mit wild girls

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Also, I recommend taking this as a warning sign and moving on with your life without her.

Anyone who would try to hurt you that much doesn't deserve you.

I wish I could tell you more and make you feel better but this is all I can offer you right now. And don't start blaming yourself or any other crazy shit. After all, in the hard-knocks school of suicidality, people tend to say ' I wish he'd told me', or ' I'm glad he told me he was thinking about this', rather than 'thank fuck this came out of the blue'. It is entirely reasonable for you to ask her not to do this again, for her to arrange a crisis plan that doesn't involve you, and that you think a sexual relationship while she's in the space is unwise. I can't imagine someone who really wanted to die making sure to let you know the toxic dosage levels and so on.

My point being - people who are suicidal should be saying so, and people listening should be paying attention. Also, she does have a relative - she trusted the relative, clearly, to take her to a hospital. My bet, she won't have anything in her system other than maybe a few bottles of wine and some chocolate.

You'll only make things worse for both of you by keeping her in your life.

A relationship like this is a malignancy, and if you don't get rid of it now it will spread to every aspect of your life.

You must have another basis than that if you wish that relationship to be honest and constructive for either of you. From a purely knowing nothing about her other than this stance, perhaps look in to borderline personality disorder.I'm attempting to be supportive and let her know that I still care for her well-being while also hoping she will now see that she needs outside help that I'm simply incapable of providing. If someone is serious about doing it, they just do it. It may be hard to see this right now, but it's kind of the way it really is. Don't feel guilty and don't change plans you obviously have thought out and planned for in advance.I'm sure this isn't a move you did on a whim. That kind of statement is all about her ('he said, never having spoken to her.')My advice: Well, you might be her only support network - so be it.They suck their partners dry emotionally, physically and financially. Edit: Think about it and be gentle if you heed my warning...... Wanna go out with your friends instead of staying in for the 100th time? You seem like a decent guy, so I'll tell you that this won't be easy.An ex of mine did this to me shortly after we broke up (after she cheated on me, btw). If you go back to her after this, you will be in a terribly dysfunctional, fucked up relationship where she has all the power. But until she can learn to live without you, she's never gonna get better.

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