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Maddison points to a stronger stigma associated with discussing sexual and drug habits with doctors at this age, while Price adds that since many STIs can be asymptomatic, people may not know they’re infected and pass it on to every new person they engage with sexually.

Infectious syphilis rates rose dramatically from 501 to 4,551 cases.

Clement says the York region of Toronto is currently working on a set of resources through a poster and flip chart that will be released at the end of the year.

The goal is for these resources to be readily available to physicians to help them talk more knowledgeably about STIs, and for patients (who see the poster, for example) to ask to be tested.

’ We’re not giving them a choice of not using it.”She says unless the conversation to use condoms becomes normalized, just like the conversation to use lubricants or a drug like Viagra, the rates will never change.“It’s not a new phenomenon in our age group [to have sex] — we’ve always had sex.

But we’ve aged and we have not continued to educate ourselves.”Read more from our series Below the Belt: Canada’s STI [email protected] @Arti Patel Why do I have knee pain?

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