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Okay, first one caveat: there is still no way to use Tinder without logging in with a Facebook account. So you need to link your Tinder and Facebook accounts. • At, navigate to your Settings page • In the list (on the left on desktop), select Apps • Find Tinder in the list and select it • Change “App Visibility” to “Only Me” Once you’ve done this, Tinder won’t be able to post anything to Facebook.But that doesn’t mean your Facebook friends have to know anything about it. Your Facebook friends won’t be able to see you on Tinder either.(This is unlike Tinder, which still requires Facebook.) If you’re not seeing the option to join Bumble with a phone number and you want to avoid linking your personal Facebook, the only other known solution is as follows. Step 3: Sign up for Bumble using the new Facebook account.Step 4: Give thanks that your ex and next-door neighbor know nothing of your dating app life. It all comes down to the impression your photos are making. It doesn’t matter how good-looking you are IRL, you’re going to attract duds on Bumble (if you get any matches at all.) To make sure your pictures are 👌, test them on Photofeeler to find out how they come across.Every day, Facebook users upload 300 million photos to the social media site.Despite this volume, searching with a few well thought-out phrases will yield valid results.The site's search bar recognizes natural language, making it easy to find photos on Facebook, depending on your relationship with users and their privacy settings.There are also a few methods to look for pictures without being logged in to Facebook.

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To search for pictures on Facebook, sign into your account and use the search bar at the top, typing in key phrases based on what you are looking for.Can you use Bumble without Facebook, or do you need Facebook to sign up and use Bumble? Bumble pulls information from your Facebook account (like your name, age, and occupation) to create a ready-to-go Bumble profile.Here’s what you need to know about using Bumble without involving your Facebook account. According to Bumble’s FAQ, “This speeds up the sign-up process as well as ensuring the information on your profile is genuine and reliable.” (But note that you can edit this stuff after it’s imported.) Yes, as of April 2018, you can use Bumble by signing up with a phone number instead. Step 2: Login to the new Facebook account on your phone.Facebook's search bar combs through all the social platform's content.It differs from Google, which searches and indexes the web, in two important ways: (1) it searches only Facebook and (2) it respects privacy settings.

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