Dating scam russia natalya

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My life goes smoothly and in regular intervals, but unique lack during my life at me is not present the man which could make me happy.

For all my life I could not meet the man which is necessary for me, but very much I want.

Alas, they are just out to steal my money and break my heart.

The latest to contact me is pretty Anzhela of the delightfully fractured English.

They have suggested me to get acquainted with the man from other country. I have taken all data and have gone to the Internet of cafe as I can not use a computer well.

For me it was the big surprise and it is a little terrible, but nevertheless I have not refused. Why to not try to get acquainted with the man from other country if I could not find my special man here in Russia. I have asked the manager the Internet of cafe to create to me a letter box.

During this life I want happiness, I want love, I want relations and happy family.

Money cannot give to me of it and I have paid to them. They to me gave yours e-mail the address also have told, that you also search the woman for your life.

There is generally no woman even involved, and the scammers may even be in the US; see this story in the San Diego News: American MAN sentenced to 5 years in jail for "Russian Brides" scam Life in Russia is no picnic.

I think, that it is much more pleasant to receive the letter from the person and at once to see, how this person looks.

Certainly appearance not the most important in the person as the private world of the person is much more interesting and it is most important, nevertheless my photos.

The photos may simply be downloaded from someone's home website.

She hopes that once you have invested time and money getting to know her, you won't mind she's not as young, pretty or educated as she had claimed.

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