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Different colored paints were floated on top of a vat of water and a small bit of vinegar was added to help separate the paints.Using a technique similar to marbling paper, the fired vase was hand-dipped into the water and swirled in the floating colors.Tile production ceased after another change of hands in 1980.A scrap of paper is to be found in each piece bearing the following legend advice and brokerage services, a FREE price/value guide, FREE sale prices, values, wish list and more. Buy, sell and value in over 150 specialist categories...In my travels, I often come across small pottery vase with marbleized decorations in warm, earthy colors.A distinctive product and clever marketing were the roots of their success.The name “Nemadji” is an Ojibwe word meaning “left-handed,” but was easily misunderstood to be the name of a tribe.

From these clays Nemadji Pottery is made The Indians used this clay left by the ice sheet to make cooking pots and vases, and in the ancient warrior's grave are found fragments of his favorite cooking pot.

Nemadji pottery comes from the Arrowhead region of Minnesota.

It has never actually been made by native Americans, but is said to be reminiscent of the style and colouring used by them.

It has come to be thought of by many as 'Indian pottery' although it has no connection with the Ojibway tribe.

It was originally made from clay dug from the banks of the Nemadji river. It produced floor tiles for wide distribution, mainly in the west and north-east, and decorative items intended primarily for the tourist trade.

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