Dating muslims america

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Now I see my role has to be to educate people on the left on what's going on here and how we need to get back on course.What do you want Western liberals to understand about Islam?She was devout, and even though her parents didn’t make her, she voluntarily wore the hijab for a time.She tried to convince her Christian friends in Texas that Islam was the only true faith and that their religion couldn’t possibly be based on fact. She would get into arguments with friends who were atheist, and the more they probed into her religion, the less she believed.I have a sense that something has changed in the progressive left but I am not one of these people who is going to leave the left and not be progressive anymore. What this means is that I have to get involved, I have to change hearts and minds, I have to talk to people. There's a reason we need people to be courageous in social discourse.It's so easy to fall into political tribes and tribal thinking.When I first started this back in 2013, 2014, when we were first launching as an organization, I started to get pushback in a few different ways. This is not real." They cringed at the idea that we would even want to call ourselves ex-Muslims. And some of those same people were hesitant to do that with Islam. I was surprised that some of the people who wouldn't have hesitated to do that in regard to Western religions were hesitating when it came to Islam.

For me, the fact that Islam claimed to be truth was such a central part of my faith that when it became clear that, logically, these things couldn't have happened the way that the Quran describes it and this God likely doesn't exist, it became very simple for me to abandon it. By the time it became clear that this wasn't something I believed in anymore, I remember a sense of release and freedom. This is what makes things difficult for people on the left. This was the same group of people who were very actively criticizing Christianity—not just criticizing but ridiculing Christianity. I expected them to understand where we were coming from and understand why it was important to tackle religion head on and be unafraid to piss some people off, particularly religious conservatives.

I worry that the left already has made itself this ideologically vacuous force where it is really just tribal politics rather than principles. Do you worry that by criticizing Islam you are giving ammunition to actual racists and bigots? Obviously, you don't to make things worse for your family and friends and you don't want any harm to befall them. But it's only powerful if the left isn't taking this on and saying, "These are our issues. What you think about brands like Nike or the Women's March using models in the hijab? I don't get as mad about it as other people do and that might be because I have a very deep-seated cynicism of corporations in general. I don't understand why anyone cheers when corporations take these political stances. To me, it's very clear that they are going to make money off it. It's sort of like what happens when all these corporations get involved in LGBT activism for a month. If they think they can profit off it, they will do it.

This is one of the reasons there are many ex-Muslims who do not speak out and many ex-Muslims who prefer instead to call themselves liberal Muslims. To say that there is no way possible that it can be used by the right-wing is not true. I don't see them as moral creatures so I'm not that mad about it, but I do think it reflects something in the broader culture.

If the stories in the Bible didn’t make sense, were the stories in the Quran any more legit?

The overlap between the two texts is significant, including characters and prophets.

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