Dating dinner parties melbourne

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Given we are all there for the same reason, everyone contributes to the conversation and we have certainly discussed some interesting topics.

I finally received an email yesterday asking me to request to be considered for a dinner in the Inner West (I’m on the Northern Beaches) saying that this was the perfect dinner for me. I’ve waited 11 months and they can’t even get me along to a dinner North of the Harbour Bridge or in my age group. They are interested in your membership fee and that is all. They would not give me a refund - even half - saying there was an apparent cooling off period but how can you make a decision and cancel without giving some time to organise an event? I had to give one star as it wouldn’t allow me not to put anything. Went along on Saturday night 20 July 2019 to Story Bridge for the Christmas in July Cocktail Evening, lots of new people.I’ve sincerely enjoyed this experience, and its inspired and delighted me every step of the way.I even think my married friends are envious they are missing such a brilliant experience.Not a silent moment or straining for conversation (and such a wide variety of topics we’ve discussed).Such an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday night, this has been the boost I’ve needed, and each event a night well spent.

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