Dating detroit radio station

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Westward the Women As the graph above indicates, films that had never before been shown on television proliferated during The CBS Late Movie’s first couple of weeks.

But later on in this period, older films that had been run previously on local stations began to increase in number.

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However, these episodes were sometimes cut to fit into the minute program frame excluding time for commercials and public service announcements , especially on nights that they were paired up with another minute drama.The Scripps family founded the Detroit station 8MK, later WWJ, which claims that on Aug.20, 1920 it 'became the first radio station in the world to broadcast regularly scheduled programs.' According to this claim the first broadcast began at p.m.: Federal Radio Commission notifies 162 stations that they will not have their licenses renewed. : FCC, by 4-to-2 vote in WHLS-AM Port Huron case, holds Section 313 of Communication Act to comprise "absolute" prohibition against a station's censoring political broadcasts; states this federal prohibition will relieve station of responsibility for libelous material in political broadcasts.This is in order to minimize interference problems on the AM dial. : Court of Appeals for District of Columbia rules that FCC must grant hearing to any station that claims it will be harmed by a grant of another application, even if interference would occur outside the normally protected contour, in decision reversing a nonhearing grant to put a 1 kw daytime station at Tarboro, N.

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