Dating chat forums about well endowed men

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If you like serious or even light hearted discussions then this is the place for you.I really feel for petite women who have very large breasts as it can be very uncomfortable... Fake Get a Reduction Help me, Ive fallen and I cant get up!but for those who suffer from severe neck and shoulder pain associated with large, heavy breasts the answer is a reduction operation. hard to find the pretty ones in the stores, they seem to stop at the d's so I go to Victoria Secret, order a bunch, try them on at home, and send back the ones I do not like...Privately $$$ or offered on hopefully a not too long waiting list via the health service eg NHS or Medicare. I do like the underwire though, but they have to be the right ones, and I hate padding.... I remember once going to a store and being told I need to wear a reducer..just what I want to have them squished into a cup to small, I don't think so.....Let's face it if men had the same problem with their bits, the waiting times would probably be a month at most ! 34/36/38 etc being under bust measurement in inches while cup sizes are as follows: Almost boobs... Buzz50 is one of the few sites where the forums are strictly restricted to those who are over 50 only.

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