Dating as basis for lawyer complaint grievance texas

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It’s unlikely that you’ll get your principal or other supervisor fired (even if that’s your secret fondest wish) unless his or her conduct has crossed some serious lines.

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If the situation becomes intolerable or is damaging to the educational process, then it may ultimately need to become the subject of a grievance, but you’re generally better served by trying to resolve issues with a difficult coworker directly.

It should also be noted that a grievance is inherently an adversarial action.

It essentially amounts to a challenge to a decision made (or in some cases, not made) by an administrator, supervisor or your local school board.

That being said, if you find your administrator unresponsive when you meet informally, a formal grievance may be appropriate.

Sometimes our members express discomfort about meeting with the individual who is causing the problem at the first step of the grievance, but the entire process is designed to facilitate a resolution at the earliest level possible, and a well-drafted grievance contains everything that needs to be said.

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