Dating an architect student

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Build the body of work and image to attract your ideal client. No matter how fun and friendly you may get with your clients at times, remember that you're in business together." - Andrew Mikkael.

Just because someone who doesn't appeal to you gives you a wink, doesn't mean you approach them. Know who to say no to based on your own goals and values. Good client relations are at the heart of any successful architecture firm.

James Winkler is an AIA, LEED AP at Converse Winkler Architecture, working alongside his wife to produce beautiful and functional schools, offices and residential designs.

Start with people first, and build your design around them – their needs, their habits, and their desires.

"There's a world of opportunity for new architects, as economies are getting stronger and the architectural industry is expanding to even greater heights.

Luckily, there are great architects who've come before you, who can answer your questions and offer advice on starting out in your architecture career.

We talked to 5 top architects about the next steps for an architecture student as they step out into the real world, and what it takes to succeed in this exciting and competitive industry: "Client relations are just like dating.

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