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I was brought up like every right-thinking person to believe butter was good. So, while my parents had friends who occasionally drove to Chicago and smuggled - yes I said smuggled - back one-pound boxes of margarine that were cut into quarter-pound sticks and colored yellow - yes, I said yellow - so even though it didn't taste like butter it sort of looked like butter and therefore we knew there such a thing, the only margarine we could buy in Minnesota was packaged in one-pound plastic bags and was white. The single most traumatizing thing in my entire life - more traumatizing, even, than the Bomb - is butter. And what's more, by the time this "margarine" stuff came on the scene I lived in Minnesota, a dairy state, where my unshakable belief in the righteous goodness of butter was enforced by law.

Learn more We deliver a full range of subscription-based information resources published worldwide, in all languages, in all media, including electronic and print journals, e-journal and e-book packages, digital archives, back issues, and more.We are committed to providing choice and a flexible service and can supply scores as firm orders, standing orders and on approval plans.Most of the surveillance equipment that was once only available to the FBI and government agencies is now available to your typical Jane or Joe at a relatively affordable price. So the drill was, you would let the margarine warm up until it was soft and squishy, and then you would pinch the capsule inside the bag and knead the margarine until the whole thing turned into a sort of amorphous blob of blotchy yellow stuff, and then you'd get it cold again and when it was hard enough you'd cut it into blotchy yellow amorphous chunks and that, of course, wasn't butter, but technology marches on. Until they discovered trans-fats and it turned out eating margarine was worse, worse than eating butter, worse than , worse than the Bomb, even, so where does that leave me now? And my mother bought it anyway because her belief in the righteousness of technology was even greater than her belief in butter, go figure that. Packaged subversively inside every plastic bag of white margarine was a little capsule of yellow dye.

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    Instead the rating looked to others: ‘pass in a crowd’ does not refer to any relationship between the couple, but to public perceptions of success in the popularity competition. must belong to one of the better fraternities, be prominent in activities, have a copious supply of spending money, be well-dressed, ‘smooth’ in manners and appearance, have a ‘good line,’ dance well, and have access to an automobile.” Money seemed to be the dominant feature, and it hasn’t changed much today. The purpose of the “line” was to convince the girl he was madly in love with her.