Dating ads in newspapers london

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Some men quite happily supplied their names and contact information for women hoping to propose: You can see here in this April 06, 1908 issue of The Coos Bay Times that some newspapers published lists of all the eligible bachelors in the surrounding towns in order to give the all single ladies a chance to hunt them down and offer up a proposal of marriage.Some men didn’t necessarily appreciate being exposed as single men, however: “Times Recieves Protests From Bachelor Brigade”.Personal ads have been around for over 300 years in different forms and variations.

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You can find your own favorites, be they sweet or scandalous, at

Whether you believe the accuracy of this statistic or not, online dating, personal ads and the resulting relationships are normal enough that chances are you know or have encountered someone who has tried one of these non-traditional versions of matchmaking.

Finding alternate ways to meet mates certainly isn’t a new idea.

Much like today, there were no guarantees that an advertisement would lead to a successful union or, if one of the correspondents was particularly cunning, even lead to a successful meeting.

The Morning Oregonian from November 24, 1903 tells the sad story of a tailor, waiting fruitlessly for his paramour to appear.

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