Dating a girl with a baby daddy

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If she does answer the phone to ask him to watch his son he's cursin her out for no reason at all or askin for money which he would never get from her in a million years.

Most of the time she's with me, and the only time she's around him is if she's dropping off or picking up her son.

I am dealing with my situation with prayer and trying to stay out of it unless she needs me. But dont be like everyone else if you dont have to and end up as a stastistic in jail. But making the wrong decision will end up with you spending time in jail or dead while she this beef between her and him continue.

I am recently going through the process of purchasing a gun leagally the right way just to protect her and me.

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He calls her talking to her all crazy telling her to "Do what I told you to and and it wont get out of hand" and i get soo **** and not sure what to do.I accompany her sometimes, but hang back where he cant see, just for her protection.He hasn't done anything yet, but I know its coming.The baby deserves a baby role model Peace im in the exact same situation this loser doesnt participate and tells my girl his son needs a daddy (a poor excuse to get back in) but too late cause big daddy is on the case now......anyway his son's birthday was 07/11/2010 and on 07/10/2010 me and this clown got into a phone altercation so I told dude like this,ya only get one warning can do for your kid or not don't care I work everyday for the bread plus I make music recordings for different people.

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