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The problem with trying to make sure it doesn’t happen to you is that the more you date, the more likely it’s going to come about AND women WILL flake.

It’s kind of a guarantee of dating depending on how many dates with different women you go out with AND how you’re getting their information. Sure it might feel good to get it off your chest but it won’t solve anything. Think about all the reasons why she would flake out.

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They are: On top of HOW you choose to respond or react to her flake you can also assure it doesn’t happen in the first place.

There are certain things you can do which will make it far less likely to happen.

As hard as it might be sometimes, flaking is just a natural, negative side effect of human interaction and human behavior that you have to be ready for, especially in larger cities where people have more options when it comes to meeting people and dating.

And if a particular, recent, negative dating experience bothers you and someone hurt your feelings, this article on how to deal with break-ups might push you in the right direction toward recovering and getting back on a positive track.

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However how you choose to channel that anger is more important. I reminded him that we learned from the same book and asked why he didn’t take away the same advice as me.Because the phenomenon of “flaking” is so common, criticizing it and judging it, no matter how well justified, is of no benefit to the “victim” of flaking.Instead, understanding it and accepting flaking as a natural, normal part of dating can be quite useful in dealing with having others flake on you in the future.Flaking is one of the more frustrating parts of dating along with a number of other kind of unreliable behavior.When people you are interested in dating flake on you, it is both disappointing and makes you start doubting yourself. Is there something about you that causes all these people flake on you?

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