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And damn, babe, it's liberating to let yourself dream all the dirty dreams stewing inside of you. After all isn't our sexuality at the core of who we are?In the past decade, I've turned some of my sexual fantasies into a reality. And don't our most hidden sexual fantasies reveal the most naked truths about our souls? Our zodiac signs are also very telling of what's lurking beneath the surface our skin. And remember: It's always important to read about all of the zodiac signs, for sometimes, the greatest inspiration can be derived from stepping outside of our astrological comfort zones. In fact, I've always been wildly attracted to Capricorns.Zodiac-on-zodiac sex might be controversial in some circles, but I say screw it. And, no surprise here, but our libidos are entirely connected to our senses, too. Which is why our perfect sexual fantasy is a little game, I like to call "fire and ice."In our vivid, illustrious fantasies, we want to drip candle wax all over bodies. Because they know that when you hook up with a Taurus, it will always culminate in a mind-blowing, multi-facted, three-dimensional ORGASM. I've said it before, and I will say it again: A Gemini is one of the sexiest creatures of the entire star-adorned zodiac. After all, you crave adventurous sex, and what's more adventurous than adding a mysterious third to your typical duo? Your rich well of emotions runs deep, and your fantasies are as equally intricate as your wealth of feelings. You like to challenge societal roles within your role-plays. You want to be the policeman who gets the ticket from the intoxicated girl, not the other way around, if you catch my drift. In your everyday life, all of YOU, my balanced beauties, are deep and soulful lovers.

I tried to repress them with every fiber of my adolescent being -- but a fantasy wants what a fantasy wants, right? In the real world, I remained a buttoned-up entity, but in the darkness of my dirty mind, I was an insatiable sexual goddess who let her mind go wherever the hell it wanted.You're deeply sensitive (but you hide it oh so well). Then, the sexiest entity you've ever laid your artistic eyes on waltzes into the room. You finish sex breathless with both of your bodies adorned in (wet) PAINT.Your elusive, mysterious prowess is sort of intoxicating. The two of you look like a coveted piece of modern art after sex. You like to hand that remote control over to a sex partner in the depths of your wicked thoughts.And to be honest -- after mind-blowing sex like that, you have become a work of art. I like things I can't have, so naturally, I like YOU. Vibrators, dildos, whips, chains, restraints, leather, clit stimulators GALORE. You've always been a bit pretentious in your taste, and that pricey palate translates directly into your taste in sex toys. And that's not the only "vibe" you're interested in. You're into feeling the vibe-rations beneath the hot, sweaty sheets, deep into the night. You like someone to have complete control over your orgasm. And you, darling Aries, don't like things that come so easily, either. Which is exactly why you get lost in fantasies of an illicit strip tease from a fearless, exotic, beautiful individual. In fact, you dream up sex toys that don't even exist with price tags we can't even wrap our brains around. Head straight to Babeland, babe, and purchase a hot little sex toy for your ~Leo lover~. Virgo's are incredibly precise creatures who pay close attention to specific detail. However, all of that ~sexual energy~ needs to be channeled through some pretty extreme fantasies, darling. You want to have your way with "innocent" little us. Lucky for us, you're a really good dominatrix, and we're willing and eager to turn your fantasy into that of a THRIVING reality. Especially when that positive mind is free to fantasize about "bad" things. And what's sexier than another person making you come when you don't expect it?

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