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But the outing didn’t go well, in part due to the Velvets’ dark image and a repertoire that included avant-rock songs about hard drugs and kinky sex, clashing with the developing psychedelic scene and the sunny outlook of California hippies.

Before returning to New York, the VU would go into a recording studio to work on their debut album, and by the time they left, was basically done, though it wouldn’t come out until the following March.

Lou, however, still angry about Mac Lise’s defection, was adamant about punishing Angus and maintaining his loyalty to Moe.

When Warhol, [EPI dancer and Warhol associate, Gerard] Malanga, and Mac Lise stopped by Beth Israel Hospital to inform Reed of the alterations in the lineup, Gerard could see that he was disturbed by it.

The money also enabled Gluck to be the person little Hannah Gluckstein had once dreamed of becoming.

Hair razor cut like a boy’s, a suit handmade by one of London’s finest tailors, and the adopting of the name “Gluck.” Gluck was particular about this new name.

People who used any other name, any former name, were cut off.

Another unique moment happened when Moe Tucker switched from bass to guitar for “All Tomorrow’s Parties.” of their lead singers, but remember that it’s unlikely anyone in the audience had even heard the band before, and the group was just one element of the spectacle that was the Exploding Plastic Inevitable. The first born, a daughter who was expected to grow happy and demure and marry a most suitable husband—someone who would make the family proud and strengthen the business. Early photographs show a long-haired girl staring fixedly at the camera with defiance and dreams of another life.Angus Mac Lise was brought back in as drummer, with Maureen [drummer Moe Tucker] switching to bass.According to [guitarist] Sterling [Morrison], Angus realized what a mistake he had made in quitting the group and hoped to be allowed back in.Though they’d received some notoriety at this early stage, the Velvet Underground were still largely unknown.Once back in NYC, Lou Reed was admitted to a Manhattan hospital, having contracted hepatitis.

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