Damage control dating

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In a previous post, we talked about how to figure out what the internet says about you.If you’ve googled yourself, it’s possible that you’ve found at least one or two things that surprise you.If you’re the one who’s accidentally misrepresenting you, it’s easy (but time consuming) to fix.If your tweets tend toward the dramatic or highly personal, consider protecting them and only allowing people you know in real life to read them.(If you only have three search results for your name, and two of them make you look like a psycho, that’s bad.If there are fifty results, those two instances seem like bad days, not a comprehensive picture of who you are.) If you don’t have a personal website, consider making one.(You have to talk to the webmaster of the site where the info is located, not Google.

(Addwekk has tons of information about how to manage your picture tagging).Essentially, it’s a lot of work, but it possible fill the internet with information about you that you actually want people to see.If you have a huge internet PR problem, it’s also possible to pay people to make it better, but the prices of “Reputation Repair” packages range from hundreds to thousands, so make sure the reputation damage is actually worth throwing money at before you sign up.until recently, when I started to actually fall for him.well, stupid me, right before sex I decided to have the "what are we " talk. anyways, he's graduating in the spring and I'm only a sophomore so he says "well I'm moving back home"... so we end up having sex anyways without establishing anything and now everything is completely up in the air and I'm just as confused as I was can I continue our relationship without it becoming a sex thing?

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