Creationist view of radiometric dating paul dating mackinac island

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Further, many young-Earth creationists believe that there was a single supercontinent prior to the Flood.

It is believed that the worldwide water quantity increased after the flood.

The sea trenches and ocean floors sunk further down after the flood waters subsided, because of the increased pressure of the water, thus causing the sea levels to rise.

Young earth creationists also believe that many of the mountains, valleys, and lakes we see today were formed by the geological transformations caused by the flood.

Living things had built into them a capacity for variation and adaptation, but within the limits of their kind.

Genetically, in the case of sexually-reproducing species, much of this is due to the information carried on each living thing's DNA being a subset of the parent's DNA, with the subset of information being selected for by the process known as natural selection (described by a creationist before Darwin wrote about it).

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