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Markings included SARAH, SARAH COV, SARAH COVENTRY, COVENTRY, SC & SAC; some had the copywriter symbol © and others did not. If you are looking to date your pieces, you are best to either research online or purchase/borrow one of the many great books on Collecting Costume Jewellery.

There are a number of books dedicated to the collecting of Sarah Coventry that can include hundreds of sample pictures with the names of the pieces, matte pages from the various collections, examples of advertisements, interviews with past party planners and collectors, and more detailed history.

There are various stories that relate to how the name "Sarah Coventry" came about, some people believe "Sarah" was C. Stuart's granddaughter, others believe that "Sarah" was taken from Bill Stuart's niece who was born in 1949.

"Coventry" was the location in England that the Stuart family first lived.

These books can be invaluable for collectors, and many will include "price guides", but remember, these are only a guide and there are many factors to consider including the condition of the piece (stones in place, faux pearls unmarked, clasps and fittings secure, etc.), how difficult they are to find, if they come in their original packaging, are they a special edition, etc.

With the internet now being a huge selling ground, pieces can be more accessible for buyers around the world; this can be risky at times as you are not able to hold the piece in you hand and examine for flaws, so my advice is to stick with dealers that you know have a good reputation and are honest in the description of their items (look at their customer feedback if they have it available), examine photos of the items carefully (use zoom!

Just in few clicks get an access to thousands of personals over Coventry and find the one who can keep you company.

When I first started collecting vintage costume jewellery, I was somewhat surprised at the popularity of the Sarah Coventry range that is so widely available today.

The Sarah Coventry business was cashing in on the very popular, and now affordable, market of costume jewellery, and women themselves were invested in the venture. Charles H Stuart first started out working for his father, Charles W Stuart, who had commenced his business in 1853 selling fruit trees direct to the customer.There is another place in town called Lovesick Lingerie which is a great place for women to find lingerie to seduce horny guys!Join the user-friendly dating site Do ULike and check out all local Coventry personals for free.Unfortunately, by the early 1980s sales began to drop, and the women who were relied upon to sell the jewellery in their homes were now returning to the workforce.In 1984 the business was sold after filing for bankruptcy, and the manufacturing of the jewellery moved to China and India.

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