Confluence dashboard not updating

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I am not quite sure, but I think it is not possible to authenticate via those techniques.

Atlassian lists the possibilities in their documentation and I think, that you have to implement their on your own.

I accepted lukegv's answer as it finally gave me some error messages that I could work with to get the final solution.

More importantly, I am posting my script in case anyone comes across this and was infuriated at the lack of documentation of the confluence API.

If I click on the project title, I can also drill down to the specific status report for further analysis.

If you cannot install plugins in your Confluence instance, you can use a browser extension (e.g. This way, you can send requests to your Confluence without caring about authentication.In Jira dashboards report width is resized automatically based on dashboard layout.In the Confluence page you can specify width parameter in gadget parameters – specify auto for full-width reports or specify width in pixels.I trying to use the Rest API to update our wiki page but nothing seems to be happening even though I am receiving 200 codes.I've tried to accomplish this through both postman as well as Python, and I am receiving the same server response in both cases, but to no avail.

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