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If you’re new to dating again after a divorce or breakup, your friends are probably pushing you to go online to find a man. Is it something you should explore…or stay away from?

Maybe you’ve heard horror hookup stories about Tinder…

Naturally, if you’re dating someone, you want to talk to them. A lot of times, catfishers will claim to be deployed overseas, which makes it convenient, since they can’t meet for coffee.

I advise women to never, ever start chatting with a man who won’t show his photos on his dating profile. Either he’s not who he says he is, or he’s married and doesn’t want to be caught.

Talking just builds the relationship, so talk for several days or even weeks before you meet him.

I can’t really explain why talking on the phone can give you reassurance that he’s not a creep…but it’s true.

Or about a friend of a friend who met nothing but losers on dating apps…

And yet…he really hasn’t bothered to find anything out about your personality or history.

You might find his Facebook page or other dating profile.

You’re looking to make sure that his image is on profiles with the name he’s given you!

On, click the camera icon in the search bar and upload the photo from his profile.

If he’s used that photo anywhere else, it will appear in search results.

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