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He is found wandering Saddleworth Moor, and he claims to be the second coming of Jesus.

At first he is met with scepticism, and is even locked up.

Davies, who is an atheist, has said his intention was to provoke debate and get people thinking about religion.

There is much hysteria and panic; particularly when The Devil and several demons possess people (only indicated by silver eyes) to cause trouble.The Second Coming is a two-part British television drama first screened on ITV in the United Kingdom in February 2003.It concerns the realisation of humble video store worker Steve Baxter (played by Christopher Eccleston) that he is in fact the Son of God, and has just a few days to find the human race's Third Testament and thus avert the Apocalypse.Steve later says that he does have powers, but he refuses to use them as he could get power mad, and reiterates it is up to humanity to sort themselves out this time.Judy is also confronted by several demons and manipulated into situations to get her to believe, which is part of Satan's plan to have Steve fall into despair.

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