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(Here are more uncontrollable body quirks, explained.) 2. Yep, post-sex sneezing happens more than you’d think. In the 1950s, Harvard biologist William Firth Wells estimated that a sneeze could travel as fast as 100 meters per second—that’s 224 mph! Think about the first thing you do when you feel that tickle in your nose: You take a big, deep breath and hold it.Researchers aren’t totally sure why it occurs, but they believe it has something to do with the parasympathetic nervous system, which regulates things like heart rate, digestion, and the tissues and fluids connected with arousal. While Wells’s estimation now appears to be quite exaggerated, sneezes do move with some force. When you lie down, the mucous membranes in your nose actually swell, which should make you more sensitive to the dust particles swirling in and out of your nostrils. That deep breath tightens the muscles in your chest and increases pressure in your lungs—all of which stems the flow of blood to your heart, momentarily lowering your blood pressure and increasing your heart rate.“If somebody did this in North America, where people have bigger body frames than here, they might find higher velocities,” says study coauthor Julian Tang. And even when you’re not in REM sleep, the neurons responsible for causing a sneeze are still suppressed. Those little droplets of spit float around like feathers in the wind, until they finally fall on some unsuspecting spot (or person) moments later.So while it possible to sneeze in that shallow sleep, it’s still very unlikely. You (probably) couldn’t keep your eyes open if you tried. Planes: Fire & Rescue earned an estimated .3 million from 3,826 locations on Friday.Disney’s sequel to last summer’s surprisingly profitable Planes should bring in just under million through Sunday, or a bit under its predecessor’s million launch.She is a utilitarian, a promoter of effective altruism, and a bivalvegan.We have a long and detailed chat about the evolved psychology of sex and how it may affect the social acceptance and use of sex robots.

Veškeré potřebné informace, nejenom pro začínající rybáře, na jednom místě!

Instead, poor word of mouth (the film stands at 19% on Rotten Tomatoes and received a very discouraging C from Cinema Score) seems to have taken its toll.

From 3,062 locations Sex Tape earned an estimated .7 million on Friday, making it very unlikely that the comedy can reach million through Sunday.

That good feeling should come to an end this weekend however thanks to Sex Tape.

The R-rated comedy starring Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz was expected to earn close to million in its debut: the same range that Diaz’s The Other Woman hit earlier this year.

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