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Allen enjoys swimming, driving the family RV and the great outdoors. Loud Spanish music, passionate albiet drunkenly sloppy kisses in the center of the crowd. I guess I expected to feel a little more, of I don’t know how exactly I learned these.Both can lead towards sexual sin, but it is important to understand how men and women differ in where this path begins.All too often, men are unaware of the roller coaster of emotions that his affections towards a girl will send her on.In my first article, Dating with Purpose, I provided the big picture of how youth, with the assistance of their parents, can navigate the rough waters of relationships and approach them with maturity and purpose.This article delves deeper into how to interact with other people in appropriate ways. In pursuit of that love, we are tempted to give ourselves away and surrender to another so as to have our physical or emotional need for love satisfied. One is by surrendering your physical self, which we hear about often, and the other is by surrendering our emotional self.

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I have found that many times my own children have difficulty reading the intentions of an interested party and it is often because the young person doesn’t know himself why he is acting in a certain way.This article seeks to suggest practical tools for guarding one’s heart. Remember, this is just a friend, someone that you have something in common with and so limit your conversations to planning an outing with friends, talking about something relevant to your shared interests such as band, youth group, or a sports activity.The more you talk about nothing, the more likely you are to share too much too soon and turn a good friendship into something more when neither of you are ready to take it to that next step (see the recommendations for when to start dating in my previous article).About the Author: Allen Hébert is a Senior Systems Engineer in the Information Technology Industry.Allen and his wife Denae, have been married for over 28 years and they have been blessed with nine children.

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