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One day, each one of them discloses to the others that has met the perfect girlfriend.

Indeed, they discover that their girlfriends is the same woman called Mia.

In season four, Elena saw that Jimmy was becoming more stable as a patrolmen and stated to him that "If I knew you were going to be a grown up, things may have worked differently." Elena's final appearance in season 5 sees her offer some serious advice to Jimmy following his relapse into alcoholism and being "consumed by the job".

She implores him to make his life operate around his family rather than his career, showing some genuine concern for Beadie, who she believes is likely to go through a similar break-up with Jimmy to the one she experienced.

They meet each other once a week together with their married friend Eric to tell theirs dates, affairs and sex experiences along the week.

Brad and Zeke are greater lovers and Jonathan loves to self-masturbate.

The two go on a date and Elena admires this "new Jimmy".

Jimmy tried to initiate a reconciliation with Elena and considerably cleaned up his drinking habits and behavior.

Jimmy and Bunk are also at the game, but their seats are in the nosebleed section.

Bunk suspects that Dennis is a downtown lawyer due to his appearance and mannerisms.

Jimmy asked them to play cops and follow Stringer he lost them.

When Elena heard this story she was incensed and filed for an emergency order to prevent him from seeing the boys.

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