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This tells XMLBlueprint to validate the XML Document against XML Schema "book.xsd".In this case, the XML Schema is to be found in the same folder as the XML Document.You could refer to the following link to learn xml and xsd. You could refer to the following links to learn how to validate xml file with xsd file.https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/3740e0b5(v=vs.110) If you'd like to validate the xml sting , you could refer to the above reply.

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In this method, we have declared two string variables to hold path of Xml and Xsd file respectively. We set the Validation Type to schema for this object.

We have the basic Home controller, with Index Action Result method.

In the Index method, we have created an object of Validations class, and using the object we have called Validate XMLUsing XSD() method.

I’m currently working on an XML File Explorer application, which I intend on highlighting XML files which do not conform to an XSD schema, as part of this I have created a class for containing the details of performing XSD validation against an XML document, which I thought I would share with you (although the XML File Explorer will be open source).

The code is pretty simple but I’m a fan of hiding away any complexities so that I don’t have to think about them when I’m working on a project.

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