Bex taylor klaus dating

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As of now, we hope John is focused on his career and is not interested in having a serious relationship.Suspicions are, however, on the way with a single picture on John's Instagram where Bex is hugging John from the behind and the photo has a caption 'My favs' with a smiley and a little heart.

In fact, in an interview given to on 2015 John had talked about his audition process for Scream, John said: I auditioned for it last summer. It was interesting because I think I heard that they went through like a thousand kids or something.

Having good looks and acting skills is not enough to have a good decent girl for dating.

Same goes to John, as he is incredibly talented and has good look’s as well but this has not helped him to have a girlfriend life so far.

I started like moving on to other things and then I hear back much later.

They were like “actually we wanted to test you for the part”, and I was like oh that’s awesome!

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