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While the previous Word Press content editor, Tiny MCE, was intuitive and straightforward, it was also very simplistic and limited in its options.

As the digital market for easy to use web builders grows, it is essential that Word Press take steps to update its core and provide a better user experience.

This article addresses the following points regarding the Word Press 5.0 update: Word Press is key to the development of sites across the world wide web with over 32% of sites utilizing it.

Word Press is beneficial due to the flexibility and functionality it provides when creating a website.

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To those who are new to using Word Press, the upgrade to Word Press 5.0 may be a seamless transition.

Blocks are used for individual items that can quickly and effortlessly be moved up, down, set in columns and reused.

This framework makes it easy to work across various screen sizes and devices along with the confidence that what is displayed in the editor is what will appear on the website.

If something unforeseen goes wrong during the update, one can restore the site from the backup.

Website owners and webmasters will want to review their theme and plugins to confirm compatibility with version 5.0 before updating.

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