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The Mc Cullough Gulch Trail begins at the end of Road #851, 2.2 miles west of Highway 9 near Breckenridge, CO.

Carpooling: Meet at am at Wooly Mammoth Parking Lot, Section CC (across from the Exxon Station) where we'll form some carpools. By signing up for this hike you acknowledge that you are solely responsible for your own safety. This is a 9 mile roundtrip, moderately difficult SHUTTLE hike from Bear Lake to Fern Lake.

Possible optional refreshment on the way back depending on time and traffic.

See how the miners continue to extract valuable metals using modern technology today. Then we take it outside and break the rock to get a "clean break" so we can see what is inside and you get to keep it! Group discount price of (less than 10 people per person). This spectacular lake has a long, open shore with many good vantages and nooks to explore.

Carpooling: Meet at Woolly Mammoth Park n Ride, Section CC to arrange carpools and leave lot by am. Upper Blue Reservoir is the first of several accessible lakes in the Mc Cullough Creek drainage. Please leave your baby dogs at home for Baby Boomer hikes! Fall is quickly approaching and Colorado weather changes quickly!

We'll finish the hike at the Fern Lake parking lot where we've left half the cars.

These cars will take drivers back to cars left at Bear Lake. What to bring: This is Colorado and the weather can change in a minute.

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