Autistic dating online common dating scams

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Since its inception, the site has been receiving an overwhelming number of membership requests.People from all walks of life have appreciated the effort put by the mother-daughter duo.The members can then look for potential friends or partner within their color group.The idea is to provide an opportunity to those on the spectrum to mingle with people who will understand them.However, few have criticized the website for charging its members.Cantu and Fitzpatrick replied to the criticism by stating, “A membership fee is charged to make sure people do not register to the website with wrong intentions such as cyber bullying others members with Autism.” They also stated that the money received from the members will be used to maintain and develop the site.

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People on the autism spectrum are almost as diverse as people not on the spectrum.For several years, Cantu herself has tried to befriend someone with whom she can be herself.Her non-autistic friends fail to understand how certain actions could be disconcerting for her.An exclusive dating site for those on the autism spectrum is not entirely a new concept.However, the creators of the recently-launched Spectrum claim their site to be unique.

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