Atlanta dating headshots

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Your final photos will be sent to you electronically through a file transfer email service.

I will include print size and web size files in your transfer.

By personal consultation, I mean a short conversation to help us get on the same page before the shoot. A conceptual portrait is, well, a portrait that includes a concept meant to capture the soul or essence of an individual or what they do.

A shoot can not take place if you are 30 minutes late and your deposit will be forfeited. I’m currently scheduling about one month out from the current date. I want to know exactly what you are hoping to get out of your shoot. We will discuss this topic during your consultation. Your assigned start time is when makeup application begins. Adding a jacket, removing a necktie, or adding glasses is not considered a new look.

This document is required by a select few printing companies if you’re having prints made. My goal is to keep all edits subtle, making sure that you look like your photo once my work is complete.

This could include adjustments such as removal of skin blemishes, removal of flyaway hairs, slight teeth whitening, eye enhancement, and image color adjustments.

I can refer you to reputable printing companies in Atlanta, New York, and Los Angeles that specialize in 8×10 headshot layout and printing.

I discourage you from investing in high resolution photos and then printing them at a pharmacy or a company that specializes in document printing.

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