Astronomical dating of ramayana

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The results indicated that this was exactly the location of planets/stars in the noon of January 10, 5114 BC.

Thus Shri Ram was born on January 10, 5114 BC (7121 years back).

As per the report of Department of Earth Sciences the existence of Mesolithic and Microlithic tools and of human fossils on both sides of Rama Sethu indicated existence of man-made structures.

As per the Indian calendar it was the ninth day of Shukla Paksha in Chaitra Month.

On the basis of planetary configurations described in various other chapters of Valmiki’s Ramayan, the date on which Ravana was killed works out to be 4th December 5076 BC and Shri Rama completed 14 years of exile on 2nd January, 5075 BC and that day was also Navami of Shukla Paksha in Chaitra month.

Consequently the civilizations of the world naturally and simultaneously started developing near the rivers which initially started flowing due to the melting of glaciers near the Equator e.g. When populations multiplied, these river waters became insufficient.

Therefore some people started travelling from south to north.

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