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If you have been messaging someone a lot of ace dating sites, you may want to give ‘Skype Dating’ a go before meeting them in person.

This is different to Skyping someone just to get to know them for a one-to-one meet up or as a friend.

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There are also at least a couple of asexual dating groups on Facebook Asexual Singles and Romantic Asexual Singles – although not everyone in those is looking for a date and some members may not actually be asexual.

Although you may find a lot of romantic asexuals on these sites and in these groups, you will also find aromantic aces wanting platonic relationships or friendships too.

Meet-ups are not normally used to find dates, but to meet other asexuals and make friends, however, one of those friends could turn into a future relationship for you, but don’t go with that intension.

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When you start chatting to a person as a meet-up potential one-to-one, it’s about making sure you will just get on and are comfortable to meet.

You need to know what they look like – a picture could be old, and if their behaviour while Skyping is in keeping with what they have told you about themselves.

It’s also a great way of getting to know someone beforehand to check you are going to get on with them.

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