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The idea of an arranged marriage may seem a bit strange to some singles in America.Many television networks have even invested in their ‘strange’ nature, broadcasting wildly dramatic reality shows like Married at First Sight and Married By Mom and Dad that follow couples who voluntarily agree to be matched with their fiancé by someone else, some possibly just doing it for the experience and not for an actual commitment.However, none of them worked out; Kaur attributes that to a difficulty in making an arranged relationship work in the US.One arranged relationship-service, however, is rather popular in the United States–online dating.

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Image Credit: In India, arranged marriages still remain the majorly preferred way for Indians to enter into matrimony.

However, arranged marriages certainly aren’t foreign to all Americans.

In this New York Times article, reporter Tammy La Gorce documents the story of Jaspreet Kaur, a young American-Indian woman who was very open to an arranged marriage, but instead found love on a dating app.“People think, why would you ever want your parents to choose your spouse,” she said. If my parents are going to set me up with someone who’s educated and stable and from a nice family, those are major boxes to check.

The Manu Smriti, a religious discourse that outlined the do’s and don’ts for regarding duties, rights, laws, code of conduct, and virtues to be practiced by people practicing family life, if they want to lead a life of sanctified dharma.

These rules were seeped in patriarchal tones and advocated stripping women of their basic independence, from a belief that independent women spread promiscuity.

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