Android contact photos not updating from facebook

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The Google account will be completely removed from your device and it will be added all over again.

If you have more than one Google accounts on your device then make sure your remove all the Google account.

Wiping the cache for Google Play can solve a few problems related to the Play Store.

Cache files store information that helps your device load the application quickly.

This means you should know your Google Account username and password.

If you do not have these details, then you will not be able to add the account back to your device again.

The reason behind this is that certain Wi-Fi networks block port 5228. To switch the networks, pull down the notification shade of your device and tap on the Wi-Fi icon to switch it off.

After the restart, check if the apps are being downloaded to your device now.

If the problem hasn’t been fixed yet, then we will be moving into some complex solutions which may fix the issue.

Now look for the Mobile data icon and switch it on.

Once you have switched the internet access, restart your device and then go to Google Play to resume the app download.

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