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It would count toward a major if I could ever decide on one, but I can’t.I could do a Master’s in Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, or get an MBA or Engineering Management degree, but those all sound about as appealing drinking hot wax, over and over again.All content on Blog, Sweet Blog is copyrighted by me, Anna Hell.Unless otherwise noted, all photos, words, and content on this site are mine, created by me, and should not be used without my permission (or at least attributed and linked back).It's how I felt at the time, but probably isn't how I feel now.Chances are, I love you and I think you're awesome.I didn’t expect to quit the You Tube vlogging and slow down on my blogging in recent years, but I feel more satisfied being able to experience various things without the need to constantly document it.Some people are great at doing that, but not me, unfortunately.

I always wanted to get more (or get the old one removed), but I held off for some reason.

I think I was hoping I would eventually transition and I didn’t want to have a bunch of gnarly, dude tattoos all over the place.

I think I’m ready to continue on with the ambitions of my youth.

Other than all those words about the things, stuff is awesome, I’m ah!

Other than all those words about the things, stuff is awesome, I’m Tags: 18, bleaksville, blog sweet blog, cormac mccarthy, devin mcgrath, elfin magic, gnarly dude tattoos, got the a, graduate school, huginn and muninn, internet dating, internet dating sesh 1.0, john, mah love life, Mc Sweeney's, moscow mule, my unfettered innertubes fanstsy world, new tattoo, rom com, sandi calistro, slap-yourself-in-the-face-with-a-shovel boring, suck it nerds, tattoo, the road, très heureux, unicorn: destroyer of ponies Hi, I'm Anna and I love cheese!

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