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Something else you will encounter, and I am surprised it hasn't reared its ugly head yet in this thread, is the universal denial of all racism by the Native Born Canadian white population.

Blacks in Canada and especially Toronto are apprehensive to speak openly about their racial encounters because they have been told by the ruling class for years that they should be grateful to be living in such a "diverse and tolerant city/country" Any allegation of racism will be brushed off with the typical reply "Oh its much better than the States" or "I'm so glad we don't have those racial problems on this side of the border" You can actually review a few of the threads on these boards and even when the majority of the black posters themselves complained about racial issues, the white and non black posters quickly interject themselves as experts and counter that argument.

Jean Augustine had worked so hard on securing her Lakeshore-Etobicoke seat but was unceremoniously forced to give up that seat when the liberals wanted to place Iggy in riding they thought would be secure. Thankfully, this past election, we showed the liberals that the minority vote is not a block they can just exploit at their whim.

You are right about this white liberal mindset of denial.

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In US cities often very large parts of the city are 90-95% black.

Louisiana (deep south) voted for an east Indian governor, Bobby Jindal, yet there are hardly any Indians in that state.

American politics has reached a certain level of maturity we could learn from.

I have to agree with the points Dannycrane has made on this topic.

It was an eye opening experience for my wife and myself moving to the US after my graduation, especially professionally in comparison to Toronto.

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