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80% were regular AFSers but each one welcomed us “newbies.” If you want a stress-free vacation, I can’t say enough good things about AFS.

In a group, there’s no pressure, everyone relaxes, and you can be yourself.

I had nothing at all left in the tank on the uphill towards the finish line (just like last year).

I did shave 7 minutes off my time from last year, at about .

The trail mostly smelled normal actually, despite having a landfill prominent enough to be on a sign.

2nd stop: The Waco Riverwalk 3rd stop: Wichita Falls From Lake Wichita I was able to skate about 11 miles north before encountering flooded trail.

You can read more about my history with skating on this page.

Madeline Island is a place I love to come back to, especially when a skating race is involved.

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Driving north from Wichita I was surprised by the Wichita Mountains off in the distance in Oklahoma.Each month is packed with 30-50 great event choices: foodie, night out, active adventure, casual hangout…We are an invitation-only club of people like you spending social time having fun with like-minded people. You must be single and over 21 years of age to be a member of Events & Adventures.After ending with an extremely windy section at the airport, I completed the loop and drove north to Kansas. Watching a prairie fire in the distance & going for a swim at Chase Lake near Cottonwood Falls, Kansas were the perfect end to the journey.The final skate spot of the trip would be in Wichita, Kansas at the Sedgwick County Zoo Park Path. 1st stop: Waco up and smell the urethane while skating the Cotton Belt Trail.

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