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Kinect maps distances between your body’s joints to create a stick figure – a “skeleton” – that helps Kinect enable gameplay on your console or between you and another online player.The stick figure representation cannot be used to identify you and the associated numeric values are only temporarily stored in memory on your console during the gameplay session, then are destroyed when you end the session.Kinect does not collect information about you or your environment if you are not engaged in a Kinect experience, such as playing a Kinect game, using a Kinect-enabled application or navigating using voice or gesture.Third party partners use data to deliver Kinect experiences (games or applications) to understand how customers use their Kinect experiences, and to improve performance or even to help plan new experiences.They are not permitted to use the information for marketing purposes, such as selling you games or services, or for personalizing advertising.Also, third party partners are not allowed to collect player personal information without review and approval by Microsoft.

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You’ll need to turn Kinect back on manually in the system settings to use it again.

We built the new Kinect from the ground up with entirely new technology to increase its performance and capabilities.

With Kinect and Xbox One you get a new world of games, music, live TV, movies and apps, all personalized to your interests and accessible with the sound of your voice.

Game clips are brief recordings of the on-screen gameplay, which you can create by saying “Xbox record that” or games can create when they know something cool is about to happen.

Users can go to Settings to control whether the Game DVR service is set to Allow or Block for game clip creation and upload.

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