Adult themed dating game questions

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When the music or movie stops, the person holding the bag must take out an item and put it on.

Continue like this, without removing anyone from the circle, until all of the clothing and accessories are being worn.

Decide on some sort of prize for the winner ahead of time. Some women can get pretty wild with this game, so be careful if alcohol is involved.

The game tends to be played with one person saying "I never" and following it with a statement.

You can also give every woman her own bell so she can "ring" in her answer, rather than shouting it out.

Get this game ready before the girls meet up by printing out the list of Ring My Bell questions, or make up some of your own based on your experiences with your friends and what you think they'll find humorous.

For example, "I never speed on the freeway on the way to work." Everyone who done what the statement mentions, must take a drink.

For a non-alcoholic version, everyone who has done what the statement mentions must stand up and do the Hokey-Pokey as they turn around. Learn things you never knew about your friends before!

Play just for fun, or award a point to the first person who guesses correctly.

Time the teams and see who can decorate the best batch of cookies in five minutes. The first woman to produce that item from her purse is awarded one point.

Whoever winds up with the most points by the end of the game wins.

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