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There will be no refunds unless the Meetup event is canceled.

By participating in any of our activities, you agree that you do so at your own risk and you assume all responsibility.

Our purpose is to provide our members with opportunities to go to various places, experience a variety of activities and have fun with other like-minded people 50 years old.You will also be considered a “no show” if you cancel within one hour of the event (unless specified in the event).We understand that life happens…this will be looked at on a case by case basis.o If you are a no-show to an event which has a wait-list (someone on the wait-list was not able to come because you did not cancel), you will not be allowed to come for 3 months to any event which has people on a wait-list at the time the event occurs.There is often limited space and attendees that are not on the RSVP list and still show up may not be able to participate with the group.• RSVP “NO”o It is not necessary to respond with a “no” unless you are changing your RSVP from “yes”.• WAIT LISTo Most events with limited spots will have a wait list available and as member’s plans change and they change their RSVP to “no”, those on the wait list will move up into the available spots in order of when they RSVP’d.• NO SHOWSo The Meetup website keeps track of “no shows”.Your profile will list the number of times you were a “no show” which means you RSVP’d “yes” for an event and did not show up and did not cancel.

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