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The only thing that I would question is when he says he appreciates the offer and then threw in the excuses, I would probably back off a bit, I know youre crushing on him but this could be his way of trying not to be close to you , since you work together.Sorry to tell you that from the conversation he is not interested in a relationship outside of work.Literally, about every dating or community software provider.That's why we recommend for those who are lost just to open all the demos of all the dating software providers and compare them coldly.In most cases actually saying you want to take a rain check means he's trying to be as polite as possible in saying he's currently not interested.

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If he was interested he would of said can't make it today but how about next Wednesday or whatever day he knows you both have free.Call the support (in case you want to learn something about our script use 1 (310) 928-7931) and write letters ([email protected]), asking questions directly. Even we would ask you not to look at our review site, where we publish the testimonials of our clients. And you want to have YOUR OWN, beautiful and unique community site.And you want your own feature list and your own peculiarities. That will not look like any of the existing sites (because we have seen some dating software providers that just sell one and the same script day by day, without a unique design, without a possibility to modify it.Saying taking a rain check is a nice way of saying, thanks but no thanks.The reason for using a 'rain check' really varies based on circumstances and also the guy.

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