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To increase the speed at which a domain is resolved to IP addresses or the speed of other DNS queries for a domain, your domain's DNS settings are temporarily saved on a variety of servers.

The TTL (time to live) specifies how long a server may temporarily save a domain's DNS settings.

If they are in the forward zone but not the reverse, then something else is going on...

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Alternatively, you could update using a recordset or an SQL statement. Remove the recordset and you'll be left with the code below, which should work.The table I'm working with is: "DMList Tbl" The fields are: Code DM Status ID (This is an autonumber) The form I'm working with is: "DMList" The controls are: txt Code txt DM txt Status txt ID I'm not sure if it is relevant, but I have a list box on the form called "SPList", which is pulling data from "DMList Tbl".In the event property of the list box, when a record is double-clicked the data is moved into the controls. In regards to your locking issue, it's not something your code is missing, rather, it's something extra it has. The simplest is to display the actual record in the form, then it automatically updates as changes are made.Therefore, changes to DNS settings are usually available everywhere within an hour.One exception is when name servers are changed, as these are reported to the registry and have to be saved in the registry's root zone.

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