40 year old man dating 23 year old woman

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Hell, I can't talk about nostalgic things like TV shows with a lot of my friends who are /- 1 year. I'd rather date someone I get on with very well that is older than me than date someone born in 1989 and find dull. My father in the nature of fathers never mentions him.They didn't have tvs, I was only allowed educational programming, Person A is from Croatia and Person B is from India, and so on. Age is only one aspect of what makes a relationship work. Who really marries the person they dated at 20, anyway? My mother doesn't care so long as he's good for me.I mean, I was thinking "La de la, I have a cool friend" but who knows what my brain was actually doing.I mean, I was thinking "La de la, I have a cool friend" but who knows what my brain was actually doing. Our relationship is totally normal and I have no complex about it at all, hence my lack of need to defend myself with obnoxious passive aggressive answers.Don't try to make any jokes because I will not get it and answer in my regular snarky tone.I know I said ask me anything but I just need your stupid questions to validate my belief that most people are shallow and stupid and don't understand anything about my super wonderful relationship that has no problems whatsoever.

The rest of your questions are too hard to answer because I tend not to be super self aware with these things.

So yesterday we went out to get a few drinks at bjs he then told me afterwards that he doesn't want a serious relationship and that lets see where this goes,what does he mean does he like me or just want to have sex with me?

He said that the age difference is too much but at the same time he likes me.

It isn't hard if you're talking to someone that, say, has read a lot of Faulkner and you like Faulkner. Poke anthills with a stick and time how long it takes to rebuild? Dating wise, I really liked how he thought and how he treated people.

I mean, I can have real conversations about things with friend's parents (all 55 ) and grandparents and 15 year olds. Physical attraction is all, like, biochemical anyway.

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