10 things i hate about you quotes about dating taglines for internet dating

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Cameron has a crush on Bianca–she is pretty, sweet, and popular, after all—and aims to take her to the prom.

Unfortunately for Cameron, Bianca doesn’t return his affections immediately, instead preferring to pursue the conceited male-model Joey.

Kat isn’t interested in dating anyone—that is, until Patrick Verona enters her life.

Patrick’s character is essentially the bad-boy archetype, but he has a soft edge.

He got what he wanted, and learned how to be a stronger man by simply being himself and telling Bianca of his feelings, which she returned.

The major plot’s conflict exists in Bianca wanting to date Cameron, but her father refuses, as he wants Kat to date before Bianca does.

However, in 2004’s Mean Girls, high school is portrayed in a feminine society, featuring slightly more realistic versions of the same archetypes that appeared in Heathers.

10 Things changed the way Heathers portrayed teenagers and adults in a high school atmosphere; the archetypes were questioned.Bianca’s character also differs greatly from her previous archetypes, as she appears shallow, but is actually sharp and deceptive.Yet, Bianca still means well and goes through her own metamorphosis by the end of the movie.The first scene of 10 Things introduces the character Cameron and his sidekick Michael.The male audience can appreciate these archetypes, as they portray the nerdy yet charming underdogs of high school society.

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